Patricia Saidon, Sociedad Neurologica Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Patricia Saidon graduated from the University of Buenos Aires’ School of Medicine in 1981. She completed her medical residency in neurology at the Rivadavia Hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and she is a medical neurologist, certified by the Board of Certification of Medical Professionals, and staff physician at the Neurology Department, Ramos Mejia Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina. From 1995 to 2004, she was head of the Clinical Trials Department in the National Administration of Drugs, Food, and Medical Technology and, from 2000 to 2004, she was coordinator of the Working Group of Good Clinical Practices at the Pan American Network for the Drug Harmonization. In 2001–2005, she was a member of an expert group for WHO in the drafting of the Manual of Good Clinical Practices and, in 2003–2005, was a member of the Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences for the writing of the book, CIOMS VI: Drug Safety During Clinical Studies. She is currently a member of the National Commission on Advanced Therapies, coordinator of the Ethics Committee in the Ministry of Health’s National Direction of Research (Argentina), and coordinator of the Ethics Committee in the Olivos Clinic and Swiss Medical Clinic, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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