Virginia Lee, University of Pennsylvania, USA


Virginia M-Y Lee studied at the Royal Academy of Music, London, between 1962 and 1964, and received her PhD in biochemistry from the University of California, San Francisco in 1973. She joined the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Perelman School of Medicine in 1981 and rose to become professor of pathology and laboratory medicine in 1989. Lee identified tau as a disease protein that forms unique inclusions in Alzheimer’s disease. She also identified the same role for alpha-synuclein in Parkinson’s disease, and TDP-43 in frontotemporal degeneration and Lou Gehrig’s disease, advancing our understanding of their roles in these disorders. Lee’s h-index is 146 and she is listed among the ten most highly cited Alzeimer’s disease researchers from 1985 to 2008. She is also regarded as one of the top 400 most highly influential biomedical researchers from 1996 to 2011.

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